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Facility Information Services

Facilities Information Services

Facilities Information Services (FIS) is a department within Planning Design and Construction (PDC) that is tasked with maintaining information about the physical infrastructure of Michigan State University.  FIS provides services both internally to the University and to the general public related to infrastructure information, documentation, and data analysis.


Service Areas

  • Building Operational Drawings – maintenance of drawings of all campus buildings, and associated building information modeling (BIM).
  • Mapping – collection and maintenance of spatial data related to the built and human environments.
  • Document Management Program – organization, maintenance, processing and retrieval of operational, facility and infrastructure related information, including administration of electronic document management software.

  • Utility Staking – on site identification of buried infrastructure to minimize the risk of damage or danger to employees and the campus community, and prevent utility outages during excavation. This function is a regulatory requirement (Public Act 174, State of Michigan).

  • Application Development – development of software applications to promote efficiencies through better knowledge and engagement, protect the University’s investment in infrastructure and research and expand the accessibility of institutional data.

  • Data Analysis Services - ad hoc mapping, reporting and data analysis to provide access to IPF knowledge.

  • Infrastructure Data - creation and maintenance of infrastructure data including assignment of identifiers, square footage, construction history and addresses.